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Sweatshirt HG
100% recycled materials


Even if I continue to pursue the nostalgia of an ancient innocence, I know very well that I am corrupted by a few thousand years of history from which I can never free myself. Perhaps I don’t even want to free myself. And yet, beyond the corruption of a few thousand years of history, beyond the daily conditions under which I travel, I am never without the nostalgia for an ancient innocence, for an ancient imagined abandonment to the non-sense of existence – and consequently also to the final melancholy and total sweetness of existence.

The signs I have designed are signs more or less suggested by Chinese writings. I have designed signs that for the Chinese have no precise meaning; they may perhaps sometimes have vague coincidences of sense. The signs I have designed concern, precisely, only that intense, fairly definitive emotion which I felt and have tried to explain.

Ettore Sottsass, «Kalligraphy»
Zürich, gallery Bruno Bischofberger, 1996


Material: 100% recycled cotton and plastic bottles
Print: Vinyl foil hot stamping
Color: High-visibility gray on black


Cover pictures © Giacomo Alberico
Photography © Paleari & Di Nofa