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One of two rugs by Collletttivo

Price 850€

Developed from shapes that recall weaving as well as traditional handmade carpets, the design of letters in this project has been treated as motif of decoration and game of exploration at the same time. In fact, we are invited to read a message through the identification of letters, which in the transition from the digital to the physical medium have been significantly distorted by the manufacturer, taking on a different and even more complex aspect.
Places of aggregation, play and discovery, rugs enhance the perception we have of our homes, and allow us to act on the quality of the time we spend indoors. The 2020 pandemic has forced us to consider a different way of living, in which the spatial dimension of our domestic environment has become a priority.


Size: 150 x 170 cm
Material: Wool
Print: Hand tufted
Color: Red, black and ocra yellow


Cover pictures and photography © Christian Kondic.