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Super light pocketable windvest for cyclists by Studio Temp

Price 80 € (sold out)

The graphic design of the vest speaks the language of logotypes and talks about passion, industry, and the large milanese underground community of cyclists, where sportswomen and sportsmen often mingle with creatives. It collects logos from friends involved in the cycling scene of Milan:

• hanselgrotesque, producer
• Studio Temp, graphic design studio
• Rayon Vert, mountain sports brand, cycling enthusiasts
• Bici Couriers, couriers company
• The Rider’s Gaze, a project about riders by artist Lupo Borgonovo
• Santini, cycling clothing manifacturer

In the back a Studio Temp’s edit of the famous sentence by H.G. Wells, plus an illustration by designer Marco Fasolini from Temp, Velo Temp.


Material: Superlight Skin fabric by Santini
Colors: grey on black
Sizes: S / M / L / XL

First edition sold out


Cover pictures and photography © Christian Kondic.